'Deadpool' Fans Arrested for Cosplaying in Switzerland

'Deadpool' Fans Arrested for Cosplaying in Switzerland
Planning to go see Deadpool 2 in costume this weekend? You'd better brush up on your local laws. That's a lesson some Switzerland fans learned the hard way when they were arrested for wearing a Deadpool costume in public.

In the city of Lugano, two friends decided to dress up in character for a screening of this weekend's surefire blockbuster smash. According to the news site Tio, 28-year-old Alessandro Botta decided to keep his costume under his clothes, while friend Christian decided to travel to the theatre in full costume.

Probably a bad idea, Christian. After all, Swiss laws prohibit people from covering their faces in public. As a result, both young men were arrested and spent an hour at a local police station.

"I had thought well to disguise myself at the cinema. My friend, on the other hand, was already wearing a mask. None of us feared it could be a problem," Botta said. "I must say that after the initial tension, even the police understood very well what we were doing. The agents had a good laugh. However, my friend will still have to pay a fine. The law provides for it. I imagine that the theme of facial dissimulation will be increasingly present in modern society. We will have hard life, we cosplayer. We'll have to pay more attention next time. "

You can see an image of the arrest below.