Phoebe Waller-Bridge Is in Lockdown with the Wall of Penises from 'Fleabag'

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Is in Lockdown with the Wall of Penises from 'Fleabag'
Fleabag director and star, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, has revealed the series' phallic prop that has been keeping her company during coronavirus lockdown.

Appearing virtually on the Graham Norton Show, Waller-Bridge let viewers in on a sneak peek at her home and shared the story of how she came to collect the plaster cast "wall of penises" prop from her hit series.

"My sister and I live here and when we put it there at first, we were like, it would be temporary," she explained. "And then you know when you just put something down at your house? You don't think about it for ages and then it just becomes invisible to you and then you forget that you have 12 massive penises at your front door."

Waller-Bridge explained her desensitization to the phalluses was recently the cause of an awkward encounter with a mailman.

"This delivery guy came a few months ago and opened the door and I had completely forgot. I suddenly saw them again, for the first time in ages and I was like 'Oh, god, I'm so sorry! and he looked me dead in the eye and just said 'It's art, never apologise for art!'"

The director is eagerly awaiting her return to office life, where she plans to relocate the wall permanently.

"I'm hoping it will eventually become a hatstand," she said.

Watch the interview below.