That 'Black Mirror'-Style Robot Dog Is Really into Choreography Now

Boston Dynamics is wishing you a "Happy New Year" courtesy of some truly horrifying dancing robots
That 'Black Mirror'-Style Robot Dog Is Really into Choreography Now
Remember back in September when that Boston Dynamics dog — you know, the one eerily similar to the heat-seeking killer robots in Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror — was let loose into the world and everyone started packing their go bags for the impending apocalypse? Well, Spot, as he's known, is back with a much cheerier (yet still horrifying) video — and he brought his robot pals this time!

Boston Dynamics has shared a new video featuring a range of its high-end robots, who have apparently learned to dance to the Contours 1962 hit single, "Do You Love Me."

Spot is described as an "agile mobile robot," which can be customized for "a wide range" of unnamed applications, can be "adapted for tasks ranging from industrial inspection to entertainment," and works via remote control and autonomy.

Those functions have since been repurposed for some hauntingly synchronized choreography, which is equal parts dystopian horror and Disney-adorable, wrapped up in a neat consumerism package. (For those curious, Spot runs for a cool $74,500 USD, while his dancing pals are, presumably, much pricier.)

Watch a clip of the Boston Dynamics dance crew tear up their boogie cage below — just try not to freak out about it too much this time.