'The Simpsons' to Kick Off Season 33 with First-Ever All-Musical Episode

Kristen Bell will join the premiere episode as Marge's singing voice
'The Simpsons' to Kick Off Season 33 with First-Ever All-Musical Episode
After a controversy-laden stretch for The Simpsons' 32nd season, the long-running animated series is finally set to return on September 26. Celebrating the upcoming Season 33 debut, showrunners have just announced that Episode 1 will mark Springfield's first-ever all-musical outing.

Titled "The Star of the Backstage," Season 33's premiere will be The Simpsons' "Broadway" episode, and is set to feature Frozen's Kristen Bell stepping in for Marge's singing voice.

Executive producer Matt Selman spilled the beans in a Comic-Con panel called "The Simpsons Season 33 and Beyond" this weekend.

"The premiere this year is the most musical episode we've ever done — almost wall-to-wall music," Selman revealed during the panel discussion.

"It's like a Broadway musical of an episode, with all original songs," he continued. "And we've got Kristen Bell playing the role of Marge's singing voice. We all love Marge's voice, but this is the singing voice that's different, let's just say."

Selman was joined on the panel by Al Jean, David Silverman, Carolyn Omine, Mike B. Anderson, Debbie Mahan and Yeardley Smith. During the hour-long discussion, panellists also shared an early sketch from the episode, showing Homer singing to Marge in the bathroom.

Additionally, the panel revealed that Season 33 will feature a five-part "Treehouse of Horror" event and a two-part "epic love letter" to Fargo. This season will also bring Brian Cox, Rachel Bloom, Timothy Olyphant and Cristin Milioti in as guest stars. 

Watch the discussion below, and skip ahead to the 28-minute mark for a sneak peek at "The Star of the Backstage."