Those 'Black Mirror' Robot Dogs Are Cops Now

New York City police's Digidog was captured in a new video
Those 'Black Mirror' Robot Dogs Are Cops Now
Photo: Marie Mckinstry
Fans of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror got duped into thinking the show was set to return for another season earlier today when the series began trending on Twitter. Unfortunately, the apocalyptic series is seeing renewed relevance not because of new episodes, but because another real-life version of those killer robotic dogs was spotted accompanying New York City police.

A video of the NYPD's tactical mobile robo-dog — affectionately named Digidog — was captured yesterday (April 12), seemingly leaving a call from an apartment building.

"I never seen nothing like this before in my life," original Facebook poster Marie Mckinstry says in the clip. "Do you see this?"

The video was reposted to Twitter, where it quickly gained over 3 million views. Users were prompt to point out the scary resemblance to the heat-seeking killer robots in Black Mirror's Season 4 episode "Metalhead," in which humans are hunted down amid an apocalyptic collapse of society.

"I don't want police robots," one person commented. "Have we not learned from Black Mirror? How much of this R&D funding could we have sent to marginalized communities instead?"

Various iterations of these freaky robots have migrated into reality in recent years, including a creepy free-range version and another that was really into choreography. It's unclear which brand of dog appears in the latest sighting, but previous encounters with the autonomous robotic beasts have been identified as Boston Dynamic's $74,500 USD "agile mobile robot," Spot.

Check out the latest dystopic robot dog sighting below.

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Posted by Marie Mckinstry on Monday, April 12, 2021