Watch Ryan Reynolds Lose Miserably at Canadian Trivia

Watch Ryan Reynolds Lose Miserably at Canadian Trivia
Looks like the Canadian public education system has failed Ryan Reynolds — or maybe this Canadian trivia is just rigged.

Promoting his upcoming action-comedy Free Guy, Reynolds proves he isn't as well-versed in Canadian history as he might imagine while facing off with his co-star Jodie Comer in a quiz game called "Who Is the Smarter Canadian?" 

The answer, it turns out, is the extremely British Comer, who passes her test — including questions like "What colours are on the Canadian Flag?" and "Spell 'Canada'" — with flying colours.

Reynolds, on the other hand, struggles with a slightly different round of trivia.

The actor loses spectacularly, ultimately bringing shame to himself and his country when he's unable to answer softball questions like "Which economic issue dominated the Canadian Federal elections in the years 1891, 1911 and 1988?" or "Donut icon Tim Horton played for what now-defunct juniors hockey team from ages 17 1/2 to 18 3/4?" (The answer to that first one is our Free Trade Agreement with the United States, by the way.)

There's always next time Ryan! Hopefully, he's boned up on his impossibly obscure Canadian trivia by the time Free Guy premieres.

The Shawn Levy-directed film will arrive on August 13 after more than a year of pandemic-related delays.

Watch Comer destroy Reynolds in the clip below.