​Daddy Issues Bovine Sex Club, Toronto ON, May 9

​Daddy Issues Bovine Sex Club, Toronto ON, May 9
Photo: Shane Parent
It is hard to find any information out about Nashville band Daddy Issues. It doesn't help that they share their name with another lo-fi American pop band and a Lana Del Rey song, or that they've only recorded two songs so far (they will be releasing a full length EP in July). Their Bandcamp page describes them simply as "Jenna, Jenna, and Emily." When it was time for their set to begin last night (May 9), three diminutive women dressed in a loose uniform of white tops, black bottoms and body glitter (!!!!) slid off their stools near the bar and took to the stage.
Their set was filled with grunge-tinged pop tunes, the type that are so catchy and stripped down they sound deceptively simple. There was "Veronica," an ode to Winona Ryder (referring, of course, to her character in Heathers), with lyrics that confessed a love both platonic and romantic. "Creepy Girl" was an upbeat track about obsessive crushes that should, if there is any justice in the world, appear on the soundtrack for every teen movie next year. Most of their songs were fun little tunes that set out to celebrate all the things that young women, teen girls especially, are shamed for: fangirling, obsessions, feeling things for the sake of feeling things, and eating a lot of pizza. How has Burger Records not signed them already?
There are bands that, understandably, reject the categorization of "girl band," and then there are those who shrug and own it. Daddy Issues fell into the latter category. They giggled during mic check. They flirted with each other onstage, too: when part of a song required only guitarist/vocalist Jenna to play, bassist Jenna and drummer Emily lip-synched along, mock-serenading each other.
"I'm in love with you," mouthed Emily, using her drumstick as a mic while pointing at bassist Jenna, who popped out her hip in return. Between verses, the two Jennas shredded on their instruments while touching foreheads. 
"We're really hyper, I think," said guitarist Jenna, while the bassist added, "Too many energy drinks." They exchanged giggly smiles and started their next song about crushing on a blue-haired boy, while the rest of the room might as well have not existed.