Björk Announces "Un jardin d'intérieur" Exhibition in France Ahead of New Album

She'll take the forum and studio at Centre Pompidou-Metz beginning in May 2022
Björk Announces 'Un jardin d'intérieur' Exhibition in France Ahead of New Album
Photo: James Merry
The Centre Pompidou-Metz — a museum of modern and contemporary art in Metz, France — has confirmed that none other than Icelandic maverick Björk will be hosting an exhibition there entitled "Un jardin d'intérieur," which will be presented on the occasion of the artist's new album.

According to a press release from the museum, Björk's takeover of the forum and studio will begin in May 2022 and run until mid-October of next year. "Un jardin d'intérieur" will be a sculptural and sensorial installation that takes visitors into the prolific musician's eccentric poetic universe.

Made in collaboration with designer James Merry, the installation is inspired by the observation of natural phenomena (hence the title, which translates to "an interior garden"). The immersive installation will suggest the existence of a living garden within the gallery walls, demonstrating a constant state of flux.

The exhibit was devised exclusively for the Centre Pompidou-Metz and is reportedly timed with the release of a new album from the artist, as well as a run of concerts in France. It will mark Björk's tenth album, following her most recent release of Utopia in 2017.

While the official album announcement and confirmation are still pending, the thought of May 2022 not being too far off becomes less daunting when we have this to look forward to, right?

Naturally, the legendary multi-disciplinarian is no stranger to visual art spaces: New York's MoMA dedicated a retrospective exhibit to the artist's career in 2015.

Björk's venture into cryptocurrency was a little less fruitful, with the "audio coins" released alongside her last album only amounting to pennies.