Flasher Embody the Ups and Downs of Intimacy on 'Love Is Yours'

Flasher Embody the Ups and Downs of Intimacy on 'Love Is Yours'
Love Is Yours marks the start of a new era for Washington, DC, rockers Flasher — following the departure of bassist Danny Saperstein, remaining members Taylor Mulitz and Emma Baker have delivered a blend of fun and light post-punk that complements the heavier lyrical themes of navigating the ups and downs of a serious relationship. As they embrace a brighter, poppier sensibility, the duo return with a musical curiosity that lends itself to a benevolent, playful record.

Through 13 tracks, Love Is Yours incorporates groovy guitar riffs with varied synth textures, reflecting its dynamic exploration of all elements of relationships, from discomfort to excitement and everything in-between. Mulitz and Baker maintain their signature vocal duets from their debut album, 2018's Constant Image, blending their voices together and maintaining a healthy sense of collaboration. On "Still Life" and "Sideways," Flasher meditate on the uncertainty of relying on someone else, all through laidback melodies and funky basslines, while the title track and its refrain of "You got me missing what I didn't know I need" maintain an upbeat sense of exploration (which is furthered on its music video, which has Baker playing Nicolas Cage in a parody of National Treasure).

But with venturing into new territory — in relationships and in music — comes a lack of control, a feeling that first appears in "Little Things." This downplayed, more contemplative track holds all of the pop undertones consistent with the rest of the album, but moves into more precarious territory lyrically, contrasting the confidence of the album's title track. Love Is Yours oscillates between this bold assurance and conflicted chaos throughout the record, with striking instrumentals seamlessly conveying these emotions. "Pink" delivers frenzied synth textures that propel the record toward a heavier close, in contrast to the bright opening tracks.

One thing is clear from Love Is Yours: Flasher have come back stronger than ever, with the tenacity to adapt to new musical dynamics in the same way they convey the complexities of personal connections. (Domino)