Hear Soulja Boy Tell 'Em over the 'Squid Game' Score

The rapper has hopped on to the hype train for the Netflix sensation with a new track
Hear Soulja Boy Tell 'Em over the 'Squid Game' Score
The apparently squid-less hit Netflix show Squid Game has been inspiring everything from rave reviews to Halloween costumes, and now rapper Soulja Boy has delivered a musical ode to the series.

Jeong Jae-il's disconcerting, string-laden score for the show is the bedrock of the track, with Soulja Boy rapping directly in reference to the storyline: "Red light, green light / You know that I came with my team, right?"

Offering little in terms of bass or percussion, the hard-hitting pulse of the song is undeniably the rapper's delivery as he repeats those two hallowed words in the triplet flow popularized by the likes of Migos.

Bars like "Get to poppin' shit like a squid game," sound as ominously violent as the show itself, so it's safe to say Soulja Boy cranked that mood correctly.

Listen to the aptly titled "Squid Game" below.

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