Ian MacKaye's Evens Finally Return with New Album

Ian MacKaye's Evens Finally Return with New Album
Punk legend Ian MacKaye and his partner Amy Farina have been slow to deliver their third album as the Evens. The last long-player Get Evens came out a whopping six years ago, and that dry spell was only punctuated by last year's "Warble Factor"/"Timothy Wright" 7-inch.

Thankfully, as promised, the duo will return with their third LP this fall. Because the band members love their word play so much, the 13-track effort is called The Odds. Two of those songs appeared already on the aforementioned 7-inch.

The Odds was produced by Don Zientara at the venerable Inner Ear Studios earlier this year, and will be released on November 20 via Dischord. You can see the cover art above and the tracklist below.

While you're waiting for the record to arrive, go ahead and enjoy this picture of MacKaye posing alongside Vancouver pizza icon Uncle Fatih.

The Odds:

1. King of Kings
2. Wanted Criminals
3. I Do Myself
4. Warble Factor
5. Sooner or Later
6. Wonder Why
7. Competing With the Till
8. Broken Finger
9. Architects Sleep
10. Timothy Wright
11. This Other Thing
12. Let's Get Well
13. KOK