INXS Original Sin

As the singer, one of the main songwriters and the public face of the band, Michael Hutchence was INXS, in many people's eyes. So, when the band decided to keep going after his untimely death back in 1987, they used a series of guests before doing the only sensible thing: deciding on a new singer via a reality show. After that, things deteriorated into a bit of a soap opera, yet the original members persevered, continuing to drag the dead horse around because there was still money to be made. Enter Original Sin. Rather than try to write new songs, because that wasn't working out too well, Original Sin finds the band performing new versions of old songs with guest stars providing vocals. This works just about as well as anybody would expect, considering they attract hardly anybody of value. John Mayer and Rob Thomas confirm their willingness to make a quick buck, while Tricky shows up to try and add some credibility, but it's to no avail. Original Sin is the kind of record fans of the band will hate and nobody else will care about. INXS need to stop and just live off the Greatest Hits royalties. (Sony)