LCD Soundsystem Offshoot Museum of Love Return with 'Life of Mammals' LP

Watch a new video for the record's "Cluttered World"
LCD Soundsystem Offshoot Museum of Love Return with 'Life of Mammals' LP
LCD Soundsystem have had an off and on relationship with themselves in recent years, but between reunions, drummer Pat Mahoney has kept busy with his Museum of Love project. Today the duo — which also features Dennis McNany — have announced a new album called Life of Mammals.

The album's 10 tracks were written to have "delightfully elliptical" lyrics. "It's an interesting way to build a song by breaking down an idea, if that makes sense. It's more exciting than building up from a melody line," McNany said in a press release. "We reserve the right to be very pretentious. We find some of these lines very funny, and then to deliver them with this total commitment and very dramatically and seriously is even funnier."

Mahoney added that the album sees an expansion of the band's sound. "There's house music in there, too," he said. "Although maybe not on the surface. I felt like with this record, we've ended up making a weird rock LP."

For an idea what to expect from the record, you can now watch a video for its "Cluttered World" below.

As Museum of Love explained, "This wonderful video is our world as a negative reflection, a metaphysical karaoke version, in which the centre channel, ie humans, has been removed  and the clutter of our civilization can recombine and reorder itself in perfect equality, free of our shallow purposes and unimaginative usage."

Life of Mammals will arrive on July 9 via Skint Records.

Life of Mammals:

1. Your Nails Have Grown
2. Life Of Mammals
3.Marching Orders
4. Hotel At Home
5. Cluttered World
6. Ridiculous Body
7. Flat Side
8. Army Of Children
9. The Conversation
10. Almost Certainly Not You

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