Lou Canon Picks Her Favourite Songs by July Talk, Holy Fuck, Zoon

Listen to the new remix by July Talk from 'Reimagine the Body'
Lou Canon Picks Her Favourite Songs by July Talk, Holy Fuck, Zoon
Photo: Rebecca Wood
Lou Canon was unable to tour last year's Audomatic Body due to COVID-19 lockdowns, leading the Toronto singer-songwriter to explore alternative ways that these new songs could evolve and mutate. Enter Reimagine the Body: a six-track remix EP, featuring material from Audomatic Body remixed by July Talk, Lido Pimienta, Graham Walsh (of Holy Fuck), Zoon, SUN SUN (featuring Witch Prophet) and Époque Selector (a spin-off of Badge Époque Ensemble).

As these artists celebrate Canon's work with their new remixes, we asked Canon to return the favour by selecting her favourite song from each of her remixers. This includes falling in love with a Spanish song despite not knowing the language, "crushing hard" on one band's singers, and her perfect soundtrack for speed-cleaning the house.

Below, hear Canon's favourite songs from each of her remixers — and also check out July Talk's remix of Canon's "M.O.T.R." plus the new Reimagine the Body trailer created by July Talk members Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis (through their Danuta creative hub).

Reimagine the Body is out on January 26 through Paper Bag. It's one of Exclaim!'s 32 most anticipated Canadian albums of 2022

Badge Époque Ensemble
"Just Space for Light" (feat. Jennifer Castle)

"I have such a soft spot for this song. Like somewhere between that place in the middle of my collar bones and that perfect black velvet dress."

Holy Fuck
"Latin America"

"It's racing on a city highway late at night or that manic high you get at a live show. But if I'm listening at home, I'll speed-clean the house or tear something apart."

July Talk
"Identical Love"

"Oh boy, this is a sexy song. Takes me to a sweaty summer night. I'm sitting here crushing hard on Peter and Leah."

Lido Pimienta
"Resisto y Ya"

"I understand the language of the song without knowing a lick of Spanish. It's perfectly theatrical. Lido's voice is the ultimate authority."

Witch Prophet

"It's all confidence. As it should be with that sax and with that voice."


"[Daniel Monkman's] songs sound like someone I can instantly trust. I'll take any of them, really. But when I hear this one, it feels like my skin when I come out of the ocean."

July Talk's newly released "M.O.T.R." remix is below, along with an EP trailer created by July Talk's own Danuta creative hub. It combines visuals from the upcoming videos for every track on Reimagine the Body, all created Danuta.