Madvillain's "All Caps" Video Has Been Given an HD Makeover

The newly restored clip comes from a time before YouTube
Madvillain's 'All Caps' Video Has Been Given an HD Makeover
While a long-awaited sequel to Madvillainy may never materialize, fans of MF DOOM and Madlib's work as Madvillain will be pleased to learn that a video for their "All Caps" has been restored for present-day viewing.

On Instagram, Madvillain's label home Stones Throw explained that the hand-drawn video from director/animator James Reitano "came out in the caveman days when there was no YouTube," and that "when YouTube finally did start up, the video size was archaic compared to what we're used to today."

The tiny video file initially lived "as a .mov file on Stones Throw's website and...on an 'Enhanced CD' edition of the album" before making its wider web debut this week. You can watch it below.

In an accompanying interview, Reitano recalled how the video was "put together using old fashioned pen and paper, then scanned in, and composited it all in different programs," using "about 900-1000 different drawings."

"I showed [Peanut Butter Wolf] and [Madlib] some old tapes of those cartoons and then I called DOOM. He knew exactly what I wanted to do, and was really into it," Reitano shared of his video pitch. "We agreed to re-invent his character, rather than pirate any already existing characters. We talked about trench coats, fedora hats and CIA looking guys. We had a great conversation. DOOM is a huge Jack Kirby fan, so I tried my best to reference that era in comics which happens to be my favorite stuff too."

He continued "The music was so cinematic that I knew right off the bat, 'this part needs a cliff-chase, this part needs a revelation of sorts,' and really just wrote it around those ideas. The concept for the story was simple in that of a DJ and an MC: DOOM being the monster, the frontman, and Madlib working behind the scenes (in a metal case to be more precise)."

MF DOOM passed away last October, with the news of his death arriving on the final day of 2020. Now and forever, "Just remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name."


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