Scarface "Steer" (ft. Rush Davis)

Scarface 'Steer' (ft. Rush Davis)
Damn, it feels good to be a Geto Boys fan right now. Houston rap vet Scarface is getting ready to roll out a new album called Deeply Rooted, his first in years, and he's previewing the platter with an early stream of the record's "Steer." You can check out the gangsta rap mic tactician's latest triumph right now.

The track plays fairly pillowy, first putting itself together with Nyquil-grade synth washes and smooth croonin' from r&b singer Rush Davis. That said, the guest is singing about feeling suicidal, so it lands a little heavy. Scarface comes in to talk about not feelin' right, though he mentions recent high-points including a woman that's got his back and a recently published memoir.

You'll find him reminiscing about bad times and present days above a choppy, electro-spiked backdrop down below.

Deeply Rooted, which follows 2008's Emeritus drops September 4. You can pre-order the set here.