Stream Prime Boys' Debut Album 'Koba World'

Stream Prime Boys' Debut Album 'Koba World'
After building hype for the project with a stream of singles, Toronto's Prime Boys have delivered their debut album Koba World, and you can hear the entire thing right now.

The 12-track release includes previously released singles "Hold Me Down," "Sopranos," "Tinted" and "Come Wit It," and features production from hitmaker Murda Beatz, Richie Souf and Pro Logic.

While the album was initially named Prime Forever, the trio of Jay Whiss, Jimmy and Donnie Prime decided to delay the release and retitle the effort in tribute to fallen friend and Prime crewmate Koba Prime (born Kosi Modekwe), who was killed in a shooting late last month.

In a statement [via Complex], the group wrote, "We dedicate this album to our brother, our best friend, Kosi Modekwe aka Koba. Without him, there wouldn't have been a 'Prime,' and we thank him for that. He believed in us like no other, and now everything we do is for him. We have been working on this album for quite some time, long days, and long nights. At the end of the day, the music speaks for itself."

Take in all of Koba World in the players below.