Watch Jack White Beat a Random Stranger at Rock Paper Scissors

He was challenged to a game while at a stoplight
Watch Jack White Beat a Random Stranger at Rock Paper Scissors
Jack White is good at lots of things: playing music, of course, but also hitting home runs and recognizing Beatles songs within one second. And here's a new accomplishment to add to the list: beating random strangers in impromptu games of rock paper scissors while at a stoplight.

Some people on Instagram have been competing in something called the #choptopchallenge, which, judging by photos, appears to be a sort of scavenger hunt involving visiting various locations in the American South, as well as completing some semi-embarrassing dares. One of those dares is to play rock paper scissors against a stranger at a parking lot — and when the motosports team @garagehirohata did that, they just so happened to challenge Jack White.

White, driving a red Ford Bronco, accepted the challenge — and a video posted on Instagram shows him clarifying the rules, winning the game, and then nonchalantly rolling up his window. Good ol' rock, nothing beats that! As he rolls up the window, he says, "You have no idea who you're playing with" — seemingly a brag about his skill, rather than a reference to his celebrity status.

In a comment on the post, @garagehirohata admitted that they didn't know it was White at the time. White has since reposted the video to his own Instagram.

Funnily enough, that's not the only Jack White-related element to the #choptopchallenge: one of the locations listed in the scavenger hunt is Third Man Records in Nashville, TN, and there's a points bonus for those who cut their own record.

White's triumphant rock paper scissors victory comes less than two weeks after he performed on Saturday Night Live. The White Stripes are currently preparing to reissue Elephant for the album's 20th anniversary.