Watch the Trailer for New Karen Dalton Documentary 'In My Own Time'

The upcoming film features appearances from the likes of Nick Cave, Angel Olsen and Julia Holter
Watch the Trailer for New Karen Dalton Documentary 'In My Own Time'
Karen Dalton — the highly influential and oft-undersung '60s folk-blues singer — is the subject of an upcoming documentary entitled Karen Dalton: In My Own Time. The film is due to arrive in theatres on October 1 and digital platforms on November 16, and today, you can watch a trailer for the Robert Yapkowitz and Richard Peete-directed film, named for Dalton's classic second record. 

Karen Dalton: In My Own Time will feature music composed by Julia Holter, handwritten poetry and journals from Dalton read aloud by Angel Olsen, interviews with people like Nick CaveVanessa Carlton, Dalton's daughter Abralyn Baird, and Woodstock creator Michael Lang, plus newly discovered material and footage, found following a 2018 fire that destroyed most of Dalton's personal archive. 

Dalton was a major figure in the 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene, and a contemporary to people like Bob Dylan and Fred Neil. She rejected the spotlight and struggled with substance abuse for most of her brief career before fading from the spotlight and dying of AIDS in 1993 at age 55. 

Watch the trailer for Karen Dalton: In My Own Time below.